In 2009, following an extensive three-year capital campaign, Youth Services moved into a new facility in Glenview. Housing over 20,000 square feet, the McLennan Center for Youth on the Nutrien Campus is especially conducive to the agency’s Activity-based treatment model in that it includes a full size gymnasium, art, play, and music therapy rooms, library, media room, outdoor garden space, individual counseling spaces, and two board rooms.

Activity-based treatment model uses spaces, materials, and activities to enhance the therapeutic work and relationship with clients, especially where talk therapy may not be as effective. This allows therapists to meet clients where they are and through mediums that work for them.

For a peek inside Youth Services, check out this video.

While engaging in Youth Services programming or events, or using our space, we ask that everyone (clients, families, staff, volunteers, event attendees, and board members) adhere to our community guidelines, which are aligned with our values of trust, safety, connection, and compassion.