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Video Director/Producer – Tom Ordover

“Leaving Fruit Loops today, it was as if Julia had gone from black-and-white to technicolor. They were floating on air, so open and wanting to share their experience and feeling so much joy. Thank you so much for allowing this opportunity for them, it has been transformative and cathartic and so fun!” – Parent of Pride participant

“Thank you for all you have done for me and my mom. I will always be grateful.”  – YSGN client receiving family therapy services

“Our YSGN Counselor and our daughter spend time together every week. She is gentle, caring and kind. She is a great listener and so good with kids. My daughter talks about her often. She turned a difficult family situation into a fun, weekly routine. We are so grateful to have her.” – Parent

“Youth Services has played an instrumental role in aiding my family through some very tough times. Their timely intervention was paramount to our success.”
– Client

“Youth Services has given our happy-go-lucky Avery back. Even when she has a bad day at school, she is able to shake it off and have fun once she gets home. This is thanks to the skills she has learned from her counselor.” – Parent