The social skills groups provide programming to children in grades K-12th who are working on improving their social skills and ability to engage positively in social settings. These groups provide both psycho-education as well as experiential programming. Our activity-based approach allows our clients to practice skills such as social problem-solving and communication skills in “real-life” scenarios. The social skills groups focus on age appropriate activities to increase the clients’ ability to deal flexibly with compromise and change as well as make and retain friendships.

“Thank you for your work with my son this summer and in group! I KNOW that your work has paid off, especially as I see him in a completely new environment that frankly, 4 years ago, would have been a social disaster. He didn’t know how to enter a group of kids, was unsure of how to introduce himself or join into a conversation, and he was uncomfortable in situations where he didn’t have a buddy. Now, all of that has changed. As I watched him acclimate quickly during the 2 days I was there, and now not hearing from him at all because he is so busy and having fun, it is an incredible feeling, and I will cherish it while it lasts.” – Parent of Adventures client who just began college.

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